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About the brand

Obi Vega is a handbag brand which incorporates Japanese craftsmanship with modern design for women with style. All items are hand crafted by artisans and only limited pieces are mode for each desig making it unique and exeptional.

Heritage Reimagined

Discover Obi Vega, where traditional Japanese kimono craftsmanship and modern luxury unite. Our handbags blend vintage silk kimono obi sachets with high-quality Italian leather, creating unique, sophisticated accessories for today's discerning fashion enthusiasts. Join us as we celebrate heritage and embrace the future, ensuring the rich cultural legacy of kimono artistry continues to thrive.

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our Vision

Embracing Heritage, Enriching the Future

Obi Vega's vision is to seamlessly blend traditional Japanese kimono craftsmanship with contemporary luxury, preserving and promoting this cultural heritage for future generations. Our goal is to empower modern women with sophisticated and unique accessories, elevating the fashion landscape and fostering a deeper appreciation for the artistry of Japanese textiles.

Our values



Emphasizing the preservation and celebration of traditional Japanese kimono craftsmanship


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Representing the sophisticated and high-quality design elements found in Obi Vega handbags



Highlighting the imaginative fusion of traditional artistry and modern aesthetics, resulting in unique and captivating piece


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Championing artisanal support and fair compensation, Obi Vega is committed to producing handbags in Japan, ensuring the continuation of their exceptional craftsmanship

Our craftsmanship

Timeless elegance of 100% pure silk

Each Obi Vega handbag is crafted using 100% pure silk material, meticulously woven to create the stunning kimono obis that form the centerpiece of our designs. We carefully source these vintage obis from all around Japan, ensuring that every piece captures the essence of timeless beauty and sophistication. Though vintage in origin, our selected designs possess an artful, modern appeal that resonates with contemporary tastes.


Obi Vega is deeply committed to honoring the rich heritage of Japanese craftsmanship. Our handbags are exclusively made in Japan to ensure that each piece benefits from the unparalleled skill, precision, and artistry that Japanese artisans are renowned for. By producing our handbags in Japan, we not only support and celebrate these skilled craftsmen but also contribute to the preservation of their invaluable traditions.

Our Collection

Morning haze

Morning Haze

As dawn breaks in the eastern sky, hues of soft pink gently awaken, inspiring our carefully chosen pattern for Obi Vega's inaugural collection. Delicately capturing the subtle play of colors that grace the morning light, this exquisite obi is seamlessly paired with pristine white leather. Together, they create an enchanting masterpiece that effortlessly enhances the beauty of any outfit, as if touched by the poetic blush of dawn.


Genuine Italian Leather

100% Pure Silk


20.3 × 12.8 × 6.5cm

SGD 1800 *

Crafted in JAPAN


THe Founder

Brand Creator

Noriko Yanagisawa

Introducing Noriko, the visionary force behind Obi Vega. Her childfood passion for art and craft has shaped her life, leading her to create the brand. With a background in management consulting and marketing, she possesses the strategic expertise to propel the brand.Drawing on her diverse experiences, Noriko is uniquely positioned to merge her artistic passions with her strategic acumen, ensuring Obi Vega's success on the world stage.


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